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Adthena offers Competitive Intelligence Solutions to help you understand your position in the Search Market, and how to improve your campaigns performance against your competitors.


What is it?

The Search Engine Marketing represents $81.5 billion with a 15% growth potential p/a.

Gaining the unrivalled advantage of competitive clarity, we can help you to revolutionise your Search Marketing endeavours.

Let's have a look at how it works

Adthena relevancy process

By analysing and delivering a unique and patented whole-market view of your relevant search landscape, not only will you be able to monitor your competitor's activity, but you will also have access to a continuously updated supply of new opportunities.

These insights allow you to analyse the gap between you and your competitors and proactively work them into your campaigns.

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Successful search campaigns are built upon actioning strategic competitor and market intelligence.

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In the world of Search Engine Marketing, competition is an ever growing challenge.

Adthena's Competitive Intelligence for Search


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Propietary keyword technology is applied

Your Competitive Landscape

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Insights & Strategy Automation

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Patented Relevancy Process

In addition to this to all of this, Adthena insights can help you achieve the following:

In recent years Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the UK calendar.

Traffic in the Search Engine Market is estimated to increase by an average of 220% and as a result, competition to dominate the small number of AdWord opportunities on key search terms on Google's search engine results page (SERP) is rife.

Adthena worked with River Island to help the UK fashion retailer gain a better understanding of the SERP and maintain their position in the market.

The Problem

The Plan

The Result

River Island Black Friday campaign achieved:

increase in traffic was seen, compared to the Black Friday of 2015.

increase in sales compared to last year.



Full Case Study

The numbers speak for themselves.

See our results for yourself:


Brand Protection

Brand infringement, Campaign Hijacking, Brand Bidding

Cost Reduction

Intelligent Bidding, Process Automation, Reduced CPC's, Reduced CPA's

Risk Management & Decision Support

Market Intelligence, New Market Entry, Competitor Profilling, Budget Justification

Customer Acquisition

Keyword Discovery, Adcopy, Market Discovery, Competitor Campaign Targeting

Among the many things you can expect from Adthena, here are a few more: